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Illustration as an art form is continuously evolving but it's basic
requirement - to clearly convey information and ideas visually - doesn't change. I can produce illustrations in a variety of media both hand rendered and digital and work with this end result in mind.

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With it's limitless possibilities, animation presents a unique way
to bring ideas to life. Primarily for internet advertising I've produced animation from the simplest of type dissolves to the elaborate and
very popular 'white board' style

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Events recorded as a series of pictures are our oldest form of permanent communication. 40,000 year old cave paintings and this mornings web comic are more closely related than many people realize. From flow boards to comics I can work in a format that supports telling any kind of story.

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Vector Graphics

Vector based graphics occupy a unique position between traditional
drawing and design. Razor sharp and resolution independent, I use Adobe Illustrator to produce images that can be used for print at any size.

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After fifteen years as an Art Director for the Business Information Group I've started my own studio with an interest in bridging the divide between traditional drawing, graphic design and digital media. I love combining the spontaneity of raw diagramatic drawing with the precision of a program like Adobe Illustrator.
I've always had a passion for drawing and finding ways of presenting information visually. Whether it's magazine illustration, advertising design or animation each new assignment brings with it a unique set of communication challenges. I find these endlessly fascinating and look forward to each with anticipation.


Clients have included MacPhee Jesson Advertising, Gee Jeffery and Partners, Doner Shur Peppler, Frank Clarke and Associates and the Ad People agency. Involved in all aspects of studio production.


Art Director, The Business Information Group, 2001 - 2015
Freelance Artist, 1985 - 2000


Ongoing computer graphics courses, George Brown College
Graduate, Graphic Story Arts, Sheridan College, Oakville
Graduate, Commercial Art Program, High School of Commerce, Ottawa


Adobe creative suite.

Portfolio available upon request
I've wanted to be an artist ever since seeing 'Peanuts' in the newspaper. That led to the later discovery of artists like John Buscema (Marvel Comics) and Jack Davis (Mad Magazine) as well as a more refined education at the High School of Commerce in Ottawa, Sheridan College in Oakville and continuing education classes at George Brown College.

After many years freelancing at studios and advertising agencies in Toronto I've spent the last fifteen years as an art director with The Business Information Group in Creative Services. In support of the companies various business publications I produced print advertising design and layout, magazine mock-ups, illustration, animation, photo editing and image manipulation, web advertising, HTML e-mail design and coding, and even designed two typefaces.
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Anthony Perkins / Dalton mcguinty

27 jan

Anthony Perkins / Dalton McGuinty

Fun with PhotoShop III.
Former Ontario premier Dalton McGuinty. Psycho. I think it's pretty self explanatory....more

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Stockwell Day on the Dukes of Hazzard

27 jan

Stockwell Day on the Dukes of Hazzard

Fun with PhotoShop II.
When Stockwell Day was a politician he had a very extensive resume with jobs all across the country....more

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John Wayne / Mike Harris

14 jan

John Wayne / Mike Harris

Fun with PhotoShop I.
This is an older one. Somebody at work called former Ontario premier Mike Harris a cowboy....more

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